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Thailand as a major center for herbal products in the world

People all over the world are becoming more health-conscious. Besides taking regular exercises they are paying more attention to what they eat in order to maintain a healthy body. Herbal products, in the form of food supplements and health drinks, have gained increasing popularity among consumers of all ages. Likewise, traditional herbal remedy is now looked upon by more and more people as the alternative to modern drugs. Indeed, many herbal medicine, have been found to cause less side effects.

Due to the increasing interest in herbs and the availability of a wide variety of herbal plants in Thailand, the market prospects for herbal products, both domestic and export, look bright. At the same time, however, competition in the global trade of herbs is expected to intensify too.

Estratti Naturali Thailandesi

Organic Cosmetics Market

Geographically, the market is segmented into six countries: Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Philippines, Vietnam. Between these countries, Thailand and Indonesia together account for 53.8% of the total organic cosmetics market (2014).

Thailand is seen as the dominant market trend: today it has 29.3% of the shares, while Singapore and Malaysia will have the highest CAGR (9.8%). Growth in Singapore is driven by rising wages and the development of commercial networks.

Organic Cosmetics

Organic cosmetic products, based on Thai Natural Extracts, derive from natural raw materials, without the addition of chemical elements. The emerging concepts of wellness, awareness and research of “ecological” products and the demand of consumers for safer products will further develop the Thai Natural Extracts market.

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