Medical Device Distribution


Drugs, Medical Device, Food Supplement and Cosmetic distribution in Thailand is 100% in the hands of Thai companies.

Distribution in Thailand is relatively fragmented, and a distributor’s relationships with buyers are very important. To effectively cover the entire country, foreign firms may need to consider selecting several distributors, each responsible for a separate geographic area.


If you are a foreign company, you have three possible ways to distribute your products.

  1. Opening a local subsidiary.
  2. Using the traditional model manufacturer-importer.
  3. Using an independent third party as license holder, managing a network of distributors.

In Thailand, a locally based company registered with the Thai government can be in charge of registering and importing a foreign product like drugs, medical device, cosmetic or dietary supplement.

The Thai company must have a general import license, while each product requires a product-specific import license. Such requirements are not manageable by a foreign company.



Foreign medical product companies not willing to set up their own subsidiary, choices are reduced by two. 1) trusting a local distributor with their product registration information; 2) signing a contract with an independent third party acting as your Thai legal agent .

In the traditional way, the distributor will place orders, will register the products ( under his name) and will manage its Customers by keeping your Company in the dark about everything. Your Company will stick to the distributor; will not know customers name, and cannot change distributor in case of under-performance. 

Employing Kha Bangkok as local agent to register your products with the Thai FDA will garantee your Company the full control of local operation. Registration will be held in your name; you’ll be allowed to change distributors and you’ll know who your product’s end users are.

Kha Bangkok, as your local representative, can also liaise with the Ministry of Public Health and take charge of adverse event reporting and recalls.

The benefits of having Kha Bangkok as independent license holder:

  • Have multiple regional distributors.

  • Add or change distributors as required

  • Keep intellectual property away from local entity

  • Securing proper activities of post market vigilance and license maintenance

  • Increase transfer pricing

Kha Bangkok is your in-country representative in Thailand.