Organic Cosmetics


Organic Cosmetic Market

Geographically, the market is sub segmented into six countries namely Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Philippines and Vietnam. Among all these countries Thailand and Indonesia, collectively accounted for 53.8% of the total organic cosmetics market in 2014. Thailand is expected to dominate the overall ASEAN Organic cosmetics market, accounting for 29.3% market share by 2020. However, Singapore is expected to register highest CAGR 9.8% followed by Malaysia. The growth in Singapore is supported by rise in disposable income and awareness among the consumers through various promotional techniques.

Organic cosmetics products are retrieved from organically grown ingredients and processing it naturally without any addition of chemical. The emerging concern with well-being, consciousness for greener products and awareness among the consumers about the availability of safer cosmetic products is expected to fuel the market growth for organic cosmetics in the near future.

Organic Cosmetics in Thailand

Thai Organic cosmetics domestic market is super-developed. Cosmetics is one of the main 3 markets in the Kingdom (with food and tourism). All thai women spend impressive amount of money in natural products for their skin and beauty. Products are generally high quality and the control from government (FDA, Food and Drug Authority) is strict. All Nearby countries buy Organic Cosmetic products from Thailand. This is a guaranty of high standard products that can meet also European requirements.

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