medical devices distribution Thailand

Medical Devices Distribution Thailand



Medical Device is a leading market in ASEAN area. Thailand is well-positioned to be the medical hub of Asia. It has outstanding medical foundation that includes premium medical services, qualified healthcare specialists and various internationally accredited medical facilities. Thai medical services are renowned worldwide, resulting in a rapid growth in supporting industries such as pharmaceuticals, laboratory tests and clinical R&D. The government has progressive policies in place to help the country attain the position of “Thailand, a Hub of Wellness and Medical Services”,  within a ten year time frame. The strategic ten-year plan, which is being executed in the period 2016-2025, proposes to turn Thailand into a medical hub in four major areas: wellness, medical services, academics and products.
As the world leader for medical  tourism, over a million international patients travel to Thailand every year on medical travel packages. The number of the foreign patients receiving treatment reached 3.5 million people in 2019 and their numbers are growing annually. With our world-class medical facilities, premium healthcare services available at highly competitive prices, and our global reputation for graceful and attentive service, it is not hard to see why we are rapidly becoming the Medical Tourism Hub of Asia.
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Medical Devices Distribution Thailand

dietary supplement PRODUCTS Distribution In Thailand


Thailand is the fastest growing market for Dietary Supplement Products in the world.
An ageing population, hectic lifestyle and dietary imbalances has increased the need for use dietary supplements among Thai population. Purchasing power in Thai families is growing, so the market of well-being, sport activities, and personal care is exploding. Dietary supplements are the highest demand product in sport sector and in hospitals and clinics.
Any activity with such products is regulated by Thai FDA and products must be licensed before entertaining any kind of promotion/trials. Kha Bangkok has great expertise in Food and Food supplements registration and can introduce you into the market in few weeks and supports you in creating a distribution network for your Dietary Supplement Products in the whole territory of the Kingdom.
When you want to open a new market to achieve your desired Business Expansion you must think about ASEAN Area, the faster growing market. But you have to consider all the cultural, legal, regulatory barriers that will probably affect your business if you choose the do-it-yourself approach.
Dietary Supplement Products Thailand




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