Who we are

KHA BANGKOK Co.,Ltd. is a business organization whose scope is to support its clients to expand their market in Healthcare, Food Supplements and Medical Devices sector. When a Company wants to enter in Thai and ASEAN market, it has to face a lot of bureaucracy and issues starting from the opening of a local unit or branch. Then, it has to connect with the right partners and distributors. We do it for you, thanks to our experience and our connection on local market. Being your direct distributor, we remove cultural and communicative barriers which normally affect relationships between EAST and WEST.

KHA BANGKOK Co.,Ltd. also support Italian companies interested in importing innovative products like food supplements and herbs. Thailand is one of the world leading market in innovative cosmetic and herbals. We deal with the best producers and select your product according to your standard

KHA BANGKOK Co.,Ltd. has a professional team of Italian and Asian operators, expert in consultancy, project management, sales & marketing and import/export. The company has a strong multicultural background, and solid bases in Thailand and Italy, with deep knowledge on product and related markets.

our expertise

Regulatory, compliance and Registration in Thai FDA are basic activities for your projects. We do it for you with our internal Regulatory Department

Medical Devices distribution is our core business: we have a dedicated business unit, specialized in Hospital and Surgery. You control, we sell your product!

Our team has great expertise in Food Supplement distribution: Thailand is the most performant market in the world in this sector. Main channels are Retail and e-commerce

Surgery, disposable, oncology, accessories: this is our best expertise. We are still open to new challenges with high-end products. Contact us to know more about your market!