Black Pepper Oil


The health benefits of Black Pepper Essential Oil can be attributed to its properties as a digestive, diaphoretic, carminative, aperient, antispasmodic, anti-rheumatic, anti-arthritic, antibacterial, and antioxidant substance.

What is Black Pepper Oil?

Black pepper essential oil is cold-pressed from black pepper which is considered a condiment or a spice very common and popular all over the world. Black pepper comes from the dried fruit of the pepper plant, whose scientific name is Piper Nigrum. It is extensively used in culinary applications and tastes hot and has an appetizing aroma.
In the ancient times pepper was considered sacred and was even used as a form of currency. It was so valuable that it was traded for gold and was one of the most prized trade items exported from India. In that time It was more valuable than gold.

The main components of the black pepper essential oil are limonene, pinene, myrcene, phellandrene, beta-caryophyllene, beta-bisabolene, sabinene, linalool, pinocarveol, alpha-termineol, camphene and alpha-terpenene. Furthermore, black pepper is also rich in minerals and vitamins like calcium, manganese, iron, vitamin K, beta-carotene, phosphorus, potassium, and selenium.

Black Pepper Essential Oil Health Benefits

Improves Digestion

Since it stimulates the whole digestive system, Black Pepper is beneficial for digestion, from the salivary glands in the mouth to the large intestine, including promoting secretion of gastric juices like acids and bile into the stomach to process the food. Black pepper can be safely used as a spice in the food of people who are on a bland diet or are otherwise forbidden to have chillies, which Black pepper is a delicious and healthy alternative of.

Relieves Spasms

Black pepper is an effective antispasmodic and gives relief in case of cramps, muscles pulls, spasms, or convulsions.

Eliminates Gas in Excess

Black pepper essential oil is carminative and helps removing gases and prohibits additional gas formation in the stomach and in the intestines. It also inhibits bacteria that are responsible for the formation of gas.

Cleans Excretory System

Black pepper oil has mild purgative properties, but it is safe for the system, unlike other purgatives like castor oil. It helps cleaning the intestines and heals infections in the digestive and the excretory system.

Reduces Arthritis Pain

This is one of the main benefits of black pepper oil. It is warming and stimulating, and improves circulation giving immediate relief for rheumatism and arthritis, particularly during the winter when the symptoms are aggravated the moisture. It is also effective in removing toxins like uric acid from the blood, thereby benefiting people suffering from chronic rheumatism, arthritis, and gout.

Increases Urination

Black pepper oil, when ingested, increases sweating and urination. Both of these properties play an important role in the removal of toxins from the body, clearing of the pores on the skin, and disinfecting the body. Eliminating extra water and fat from the body, Pepper oil reduces weight, lowers blood pressure and makes the body relaxed. These properties are also helpful for reducing inflammation.

Detoxifies Body

Black pepper oil protects the body from damages by oxidants (free radicals) and also helps to repair those damages already done. It also delays adverse effects of aging such as vision loss, macular degeneration, wrinkling of the skin, degeneration, and loosening of the muscles, loss of mobility in the joints, nervous disorders, and memory loss.

Cures Bacterial Infections

Black pepper has good antibacterial properties that can be enjoyed without any adverse side effects. It is very effective in curing bacterial infections in the mouth, colon, digestive system, and urinary tract. It also disinfects food that it is added to and protects them from bacterial infections for long periods.

Other Benefits

Black pepper oil is rich in certain useful minerals and vitamins too. For example, there is vitamin A (beta-carotene), which is very beneficial for ocular health as well as for antioxidant activity. It has vitamin K, which is essential for maintaining proper circulatory and metabolic functions, muscles, and bones. Furthermore, it has calcium, potassium, and selenium. While calcium is good for bones and potassium for regulating blood pressure, selenium is essentially required for the proper formation of bones, nails, hair follicles and teeth, as well as for proper functioning of the brain.

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Botanical Name Piper nigrum
Common Name Black pepper, Pepper
CAS # 8007-75-8 F.E.M.A.: 2153
Plant Parts Used Fruit
Extraction Method Cold Pressed
Color & Odor Yellowish brown viscous liquid with crisp, fresh, peppercorn aroma

Constituents & Specifications
: Caffeine

Description: Black pepper oil is a pale yellow irritating liquid with a sharp peppery odor and is obtained by steam distillation of the unripe dried fruit of the plant Piper nigrum.

Specific Gravity: 0.876 – 0.884 @ 25 °C

Refractive Index: 1.464 – 1.466 @ 20 °C

Properties: A warming oil, excellent for poor circulation, anemia and after heavy bleeding, invaluable for muscular aches and pains of all descriptions, restores tone to the skeletal muscles and generally dispels toxins

Benefits & Uses:

  • Gourmets loves to use Black Pepper in food additives. Pepper is mainly marinate with salt and vinegar and as a preservative.
  • Black Pepper Oil s a wonderful addition to men fragrances.
  • It is an excellent anti-oxidant agent.
  • It is useful as fixative and as well as binding agent in resin industry.
  • Black pepper is used in blending other essential oils. Used along with other essential oils in perfumery.
  • Also used as an important ingredient in pharmaceutical and naturopathy products.

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