Xodus Medical in partnership with Kha Bangkok Co., Ltd. (Kha Group) launches in Thailand a new and revolutionary line of Trendelenburg positioning solutions:

                Pink Pad family

Xodus Medical, leading company in Surgical equipment located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, is committed to providing Trendelenburg positioning solutions that not only prevent patient sliding, but do so safely. Comprehensive positioning systems should emphasize total patient safety; including prevention of nerve damage, HAPI formation, and the elimination of sliding even forheavy, high BMI patients.

The Pink Pad family of products offer uniquely designed, complete solutions for steep Trendelenburg positioning. The Pink Pad itself has been awarded nine (9) individual US Patents. It is simply the safest, most effective and easiest to use patient positioning system of its kind.

What sets the Pink Pad family of products apart is its ability to prevent unwanted patient movement safely and comfortably, protecting against pressure injury to nerves, skin and soft tissue… even with high-BMI cases. Unlike other methods, the the Pink Pad eliminates the possibility of brachial plexus nerve injury by placing no pressure on the head, neck, or shoulders.
The Pink Pad is shape-conforming: perfectly molding itself to every contour to create a fit uniquely-formed to each patient. The breathable, open-cell material permits airflow to the skin while wicking away moisture, while the single-use design minimizes cross-contamination.
This patented, easy-to-use system features a set-up time of under a minute, saving valuable OR time.

The Pink Pad, already sold in 51 countries worldwide, is a great product indeed: innovative, safe, and really useful for the Patient comfort, since it avoid many unpleasant consequences due to obsolete positioning techniques. This represents also a great opportunity for the Thai hospital to keep surgery risk and costs under control.

To request further information on Pink Pad Family click HERE



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