Thai FDA Registration


Thai FDA Registration is mandatory for a list of product imported or manufactured in Thailand. In detail, the import of drugs (pharmaceuticals), food supplements, food, medical devices, cosmetics, products for animal health and every medical and/or hazardous substance is subject to Food and Drug Administration – Thai FDA registration.

The approval from Thai FDA must be obtained before importing any of the above enlisted products. Each category has separate registration requirements and procedures.



Importers of drugs must obtain Thai FDA approval prior to importing their medicines in Thailand. Thai FDA categorizes drugs into 4 categories: modern medicines, general medicines, traditional medicines, and veterinary medicines. Each one of them has separate registration requirements. The category named “general medicines” is grouped into 3 separate categories: generic medicines, new medicines, and new generics. Each medicine category has a distinct set of registration requirements.



Thai FDA has a special department managing Medical Device Registration. Such products require either licensing or registration, according to the CLASS where they are enlisted:

Class 1 medical devices: condoms, surgical gloves, syringes, and diagnostic test kits.
Medical devices class 2: rehabilitation devices, blood alcohol level measuring kits, silicone implants, and test kits other than for diagnostic purposes. Class 2 requires a USFDA certificate.
Class 3 medical devices: lowest-risk devices category. All the products not included in first two categories are in this third category.

Note: some product registered in other countries as medicine or cosmetic can be considered for Thai FDA registration as a Medical Device. We always perform a pre-check with Thai FDA Officers to define the right definition and class of each product. Furthermore, ASEAN regulatory is going to be enforced soon, probably within end of 2018. We suggest to take a proper license before this change in laws, since the procedure will be more harsh and expensive.



In the past, the Thai FDA was used to classify cosmetics into two categories based on the composition of the cosmetics:

Controlled cosmetics: Cosmetic products made by a certain list of ingredients required product notification to the FDA before products were allowed to be released on the market.

Specially controlled cosmetics: Cosmetics made with specially controlled ingredients required registration.

Actually, regulation changed in order to harmonize it with the incoming ASEAN legislation. Thus, Thai FDA registration for cosmetics follows only one procedure: Cosmetics must be registered and the list of ingredients, together with all relevant information, must be kept in the Product Identification File, under the responsibility of License Holder.



All the products intended for human consumption must be registered in Thai FDA. Food supplements and dietary supplements have a special Department managing their permission. According to Thai FDA Registration procedure, food and dietary supplements must be labeled in Thai language and their promotion must follow specific rules. Every dietary/food supplement wrongly managed by the importer is at risk to be considered by Thai FDA as drug. This will change the time for licensing from few weeks to several months.

Thai FDA Registration



There’s no way for the foreign manufacturer to get a license under his company name: only Thai entities (subject to several license and controls) can register a product in Thai FDA.

Many unscrupulous attorneys normally accept the job for licensing new products on behalf of the manufacturer for a low fare. But, after the procedure start, a License Holding fee will be demanded. This is normally the most costly part of the project; the license holder is liable in front of the law for any damage your product may cause in the consumer. Also warehouse must be licensed, specifically for your kind of products. The suggestion is to use companies with specific expertise and with a consolidated structure in this sector.

Kha Bangkok has its own internal regulatory and can perform Thai FDA registration, license holding and distribution (sales and post sales) for you.The logistic partnership allow you to have only one referent for the entire chain in Thailand.

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