Weight Control Herbal Tea


Weight Control Herbal Tea


Thailand is one of the best producing Countries in the world for herbal Supplements. WE made treasure of this ancient heritage and prepared some Healthy Herbal Teas from 100% Natural ingredients. We selected the best herbs for three of the main health problem in the world: Diabetes, high Cholesterol, Weight Control.

Every herb has many specific applications. We made a mix of the most suitable and created new formulas. Our Herb Teas are available in tea bags (10 to 25 bags per box, with our box or your own brand). We can also supply the mix in 1 kg poly bags for repacking.

Our products are manufactured under GMP and are registered in Thai FDA. Before importing, please check your local rules.


What is our Weight Control Herbal Tea?


Weight Control Herbal tea is 100% from natural herbs harvested in Thailand and processed under GMP regulation. Its components have strong properties which help to control weight and appetite. Taste is enjoyable, thanks to Liquorices and Stevia, which give a good taste without any side effect.

Weight Control, reduce appetite, regulate intestine, reduce diabetes, regulate pressure.

Package and Miscellaneous:
• Weight Control Herbal tea is packed in tea bags which content is 1,8 gr each.
• Each box may contain 10 to 25 tea bags
• Weight Control Herbal tea bags can be produced under your brand (OEM).
• Product is approved by Thai FDA. Please check your local regulation for import.
• We use only natural herbal products. No additives, no chemical, no preservatives.
• Serving: brew 1 bag with 129 ml hot water. Wait around 3 minutes and stir before drinking.


Health Benefits of Weight Control Herbal Tea


Our Natural Herb Teas are indicated as dietary supplement in case of need to loose weight. They may help the body to eliminate waste and toxins that may affect your health; weight control herbal teas may also limit appetite and regulate the metabolism, thank to the properties of its ingredients. Let’s have a look at the single herbs used in our formula.


Weight Control Herbal Tea


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Technical data


Ingredient Properties %
Zingiber officinale (Ginger) Loss of appetite

Relief nausea

Cymbopogon (Lemongrass) Boost metabolism – Burn fats

Facilitate digestion

Acacia Concinna Astringent 18%
Pandanus Amarryllifolius Roxb. Lower blood pressure 15%
Glycyrrhiza Glabra Detox 10%
Tamarindus Indica Laxative 8%
Green Tea Leaves Weight Control

Anti Diabetes

Stevia Rebaudiana Bertoni Regulates Blood Pressure

Control Diabetes



Our Natural Food Supplements are available worldwide. You can order our Natural Herbal Teas in TEA BAGS IN BOX or in TEA BAGS IN BULK (1000 pieces box) or in 1 KG BAG (double layer).

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