Thai Herbal: the best natural products from Far East

Research of most exclusive and innovative raw materials

Thai herb for hundreds of years represented the majority of Thai traditional medicine with reference to natural health and beauty care. This ancient knowledge has been passed on from generation to generation, so that now today all of us will benefit from the wisdom of the present Thai herbals and natural cosmetics beauty care.

Many Thai producers are actually realizing product lines with a modern look and more suitable for western markets. The products are based on ancient recipes, but with a fancy and modern look. This represents a factor of success for industries in this market.

Thai Herbal product export

Why Thai Herbal products are so famous in the world?


Traditional Thai herbs are from centuries affiliated with Thai culture and have become integrated in the way of living of Thai people. Thailand’s has plentifuly of resources and forestry and hundreds of kind of herbs and vegetables grows fast and easily thanks to the climate, hot and with frequent rains. Furthermore, each region has its own unique has different climates and terrain types, which are the sources for the of a variety of herbs and production available in each location. These resources entitle Thai Herbal producers to meet the world market needs for natural products. Health products and Thai herbs are well known for a wide variety of use in health care business, through from direct consumption in the form of food, medicine or an ingredient in cosmetic products.

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