Are you selling online food, dietary supplements, or retail medical device online and want to expand your market in Thailand?

Kha Bangkok has the solution for you.

Our One Stop Shop Service allows you to register, import, stock and deliver your products in Thailand through the major e-commerce platforms.

Let’s see the market in detail.

The eCommerce market in Thailand is currently the second largest in Southeast Asia and is expected to grow around 22% annually until 2020.  With support from the Thai government, a “Digital Thailand” initiative, that started in 2016, has brought about a wave of opportunities for businesses across different industries to digitize their operations and services, especially for SMEs seeking to undergo digital transformation.  As a result, cross-border market opportunities offer growth rates of approximately 25%, which is well above those found in most traditional retail markets.  Cross-border B2C eCommerce is estimated to grow to $1 trillion in 2020.



Selling on line in Thailand can be safe and profitable, but the manufacturer must consider that Rules are strict and compliance must be respected. In order to do it, only two roads are walkable: opening your local branch in Thailand or using Kha Bangkok One Stop Shop Service. Two know more about it contact info@khabangkok.com