Essential oil oli essenziali naturali




Thailand as a major center for essential oil healthcare manufacture

People all over the world are becoming more health-conscious. The need for food supplements to balance diet of consumers worldwide is heading to a new concept of essential oils.

The use is no more as aromatherapy, since the market is demanding for edible oils. In many parts of the world, food is lacking in some essential elements. The main ones are vegetable oils, precious to balance the deficiencies of fatty acids. The vegetable oils are obtained by cold pressing or by solvent extraction from the fruits or seeds of many plants. Those obtained with cold pressing are considered natuarals, can be organic and are in all cases suitable for consumption as food supplement

The main source of vegetable oils is represented by oil seeds

There are dozens of vegetable oils on the market, many of which are very well known and now inflated. Kha Bangkok seeks the richest oils of healthy elements derived from materials available in Thailand, such as:

  • Coffee oil, a beneficial alkaloid in anti-stress therapy, against allergies and problems of the respiratory tract and the digestive system
  • Black Pepper oil, sought after for its quality as a painkiller, anti-cellulite, and for its benefits on the skin and against hair loss
  • Moringa oil, rich in antioxidants, one of the best antiaging for the skin.
  • Rice bran oil, whose very high Gamma-Oryzanol content places it at the top of antioxidant and anticancer products
  • Capsicum oil, obtained from cold pressing, an alkaloid very rich in capsaicin, with anti-inflammatory effects
  • Bergamot oil, relaxing, sleep regulator, antiseptic and antiacne.

Due to the increasing interest in herbs and the availability of a wide variety of herbal plants in Thailand, the market prospects for herbal products, both domestic and export, look bright. At the same time, however, competition in the global trade of herbs is expected to intensify too.




Essential Oil Healthcare Manufactured in Thailand

Kha Bangkok Essential Oils Healthcare are manufactured in Thailand from Natural and controlled Ingredients. We only use pure seeds and dried fruits to produce the oil, which is cold pressed in our factory, filtered and subjected to antibacterial treatment with UV rays. It is packed in our factory, and it may be shipped out with your brand or in bulk. We also sell small quantities directly to end users, that can order directly by email. Warning: import of the product may be subject to FDA authorization, check the local laws in your country.

Essential Oil as Cosmetic Raw Materials

Our Essential Oils can be used in Cosmetics industry as active principle. Being our Products cold pressed and 100% Organic, they can be used in every industry to produce skincare, ointments, lipsticks, lotions, etc. Contact us to know more.