THAILAND: new mini invasive and painless surgical technique for the treatment of hemorrhoids made in Italy.

Thai surgeons in Pavia (Italy), guests of Angiologica B.M. together with our HBU Manager, assist in hemorrhoidal surgery performed with the innovative  HPS technique by Dr. Pagano’s team.

The new HPS technique will allow to perform the most physiological intervention for the hemorrhoidal pathology, repositioning the prolapsed hemorrhoidal pads in their anatomic site. Being a minimally invasive surgery, HemorPex System (HPS) is indicated in all types of hemorrhoids, particularly in the 2nd and 3rd stages.

The advantages of the HPS technique are simplicity, speed of execution, the marked reduction of post-operative pain and the absence of serious complications. The use of this non-invasive and painless innovative surgical technique, allows the patient who has undergone a hemorrhoid operation an immediate return to their activities. The immediate effect is that of a real lifting with rejuvenation of the anatomic seat; this effect is maintained over time after complete resorption of the sutures.

The HPS Plus device is distributed in Thailand by Kha Bangkok Co., Ltd. (Kha Group)