Fanucchi Dairy and Kha Group work for Mozzarella Production in Thailand

A new benchmark for Mozzarella production in Thailand is coming soon.

Kha Bangkok has signed an agreement for a compliance support with Fanucchi Dairy, a new company aiming to become the benchmark for Mozzarella cheese production in Thailand. The agreement is set to design the export strategy toward ASEAN and Japan and the distribution in Thailand. Factory is located in Bangkok Free Trade Zone and covers an area of 1.100 squared meters.

Just born in 2019, Fanucchi Dairy is a young and dynamic group  that come from a long tradition of love for cheese making.

The “Fanucchi Dairy” company aims to produce and market high quality fresh dairy products for the Thai market and the Southeast Asian market (ASEAN + 3 area: Japan, Korea, China).

Mozzarella production in Thailand

Why Fanucchi Dairy?

The main reasons for which we have decided to create this Mozzarella production in Thailand are many: 

first of all by family tradition, in fact the Fanucchi family has been involved in the production of dairy products since the beginning of the 1900s and handed down its knowledge from father to son for 4 generations, secondly the knowledge of the Thai reality (its culture and way of operating) and its market (competitors, sales channels, logistics)

Another reason is the potential offered by this market and its strategic geographical position (Thailand is the base for the distribution of products in South-East Asia, a market with preferential duties that has about 500 million people). And also the desire to create a modern production facility at the cutting edge of technology and production techniques.

Mozzarella Production in Thailand

Mozzarella Production in Thailand: Fanucchi’s goals

The goal of “Fanucchi Dairy” is to produce high quality fresh dairy products thanks to the use of the best raw materials from Europe and New Zealand, thanks to new production techniques that almost entirely eliminate production waste and finally thanks to highly qualified production technicians.

Initially “Fanucchi Dairy” will produce a reduced range of products, focusing on some typical products of the Italian tradition such as: cow mozzarella, buffalo mozzarella, burrata and some types of mozzarella for pizza that will be marketed in various sizes to satisfy both large-scale retail market and the market. Later it will also produce yogurt, mascarpone, ricotta, spreadable creams, stringy cheeses and other dairy products.