Kha Group launches in Thailand the surgical meshes produced by Angiologica BM

Kha Bangkok ( Kha Group), already Angiologica BM  Master Distributor in Thailand of HemorPex System Plus, a new disposable device designed for the treatment of hemorrhoidal disease by means of a dearterializing hemorrhoidopexy, last month  completed the Thai FDA certification process  of all  Surgical Meshes produced by Angiologica BM, Polypropylene and polyester meshes, single or double layer for hernia repair and laparoceles.

In October the promotion and distribution of Hernia Meshes will begin at the main public and private hospitals in Thailand

The Asia Pacific hernia repair market due to an increasing pool of obese patients, rising geriatric population and increasing demand for minimally invasive procedures are driving the market over the forecast period. Increasing adaptation of the tension-free repair process is the key factor driving the growth of the global market.

Asia Pacific is expected to exhibit fastest growth rate until 2024 and Thailand is expected to drive the hernia repair products market in the region.