KHA GROUP has signed an agreement with HSD S.r.l. and Eagle Tech Co., Ltd., for Thai FDA certification and distribution of Genesis and Sonilife in Thailand

After the successful launch of Sonimed Plus, a complete and effective system for the simultaneous management of the magnetotherapy, blue photocatalysis and infrared and the ultrasound therapy, on the Thai Medical Devices market, Kha Bangkok (KHA GROUP) signed an agreement to register in Thai FDA and the subsequent distribution of two new innovative devices produced by HSD, the Genesis platform and the device for hands  Sonilife.

Our feet and hands are crucial to our daily lives. But not many know that they are also delicate and require specific care and looking after. The Genesis footplate and Sonilife hands are  medical devices designed to exploit the properties of ultrasounds and magneto light for specific applications on feet, legs and hands. The programs of the Genesis footplate and Sonilife help combat a whole series of ailments, including post-traumatic disorders