Sonimed Plus Thailand

Sonimed Plus Thailand: three-in-one therapy machine

Magnetic, Light and ultrasound therapy distributed by Kha Group Thailand

Sonimed Plus Thailand is a device used for physical therapy with function of:


It has automatic programs which make the use simple and safe. Sonimed is organized in two sections (ultrasound and magnetic) and can handle an ultrasound knob and a Magnetic Light Diffuser (or knob). Each knob has a different start/stop command.

The machine has automatic programs to run different treatments in the correct way. It must always be used by a physiotherapist or a doctor.

It’s intended use is in case of:

  • Pain, swelling, inflammation of the muscles, tendons and joints.
  • To reduce muscle spasm.
  • To reduces the adhesion of tissues and joints.
  • For muscles relaxation
  • For healing of wound in the beginning of adhesion.
  • In conjunction with other treatments in some patients, such as musculoskeletal pain, cystitis.
  • To treat patients with peripheral artery insufficiency
  • Acute tissue injury after acute phase.
  • To promote the bonding of broken bones by combination with other treatments.
  • To helps chemicals to better penetrate the skin by the phonophoresis process.
  • Need to enhance blood circulation.
Sonimed Plus Thailand

Sonimed Plus Thailand – treatment techniques

Ultrasound therapy can be administered in two different ways: with DIRECT contact (with movable or fixed head), and with DIVING.

In direct contact mode, the area to be treated should be positioned so that it is relaxed, naked and dry. To which gel or therapeutic cream is applied.

The direct contact mode, which is more frequently used, consists in the application of the emitting head in direct contact with the skin with the interposition of a substance (usually a special conductive gel) to promote the transmission between head and skin on one hand. and on the other hand the adherence, the sliding and the elimination of possible air interposed between skin and transducer which could hinder, for its reflective capacity, the transmission of the ultrasonic wave.

In the mobile head technique, the transducer, applied on the area to be treated with light pressure, is made to slide with circular movements.

In the fixed head technique, the latter is placed on the area to be treated in contact with the skin for the entire duration of therapy with the interposition of an electroconductive gel or therapeutic cream. With this technique, rapid increases in temperature are obtained in a very limited area, while the remaining field is not heated; therefore a lower power supply or a pulsed emission is required.

In immersion mode: the part to be treated is immersed in a container containing water, at a temperature of about 37 ° C, together with the emitting head, placed at a maximum distance of 2-3 cm from the body surface.

Note: The parameters defined in the treatment programs: Application time, Power and DutyCycle, are intended to be applied in the mobile head technique only and in immersion, where it is specified. In the fixed head technique, 50% must be considered.

Sonimed Plus Thailand

Sonimed Plus Thailand Thailand, and all products manufactured by HSD S.r.l., are distributed in Thailand by Kha Bangkok Co., Ltd.

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