Pink Pad Thailand
Pink Pad Thailand
Pink Pad Thailand

Xodus Pink Pad: Maximizing Trendelenburg Safety

Advanced Trendelenburg Patient Positioning System


The Pink Pad family of products represents an advanced Trendelenburg positioning system unseen in ASEAN countries. This patented, clinically-preferred system eliminates patient sliding, while protecting skin and nerves from avoidable injury. The Pink Pad places no pressure on the head, neck or shoulders, eliminating the risk of injury to brachial plexus nerves. The product is manufactured in USA by Xodus Medical.

The material of the Pink Pad has been specially-developed for direct skin contact and is what gives the Pink Pad Thailand its holding power and unparalleled softness that leaves no post-operative skin redness. It molds and conforms to the patient’s contour to prevent unwanted patient movement. This breathable, skin-friendly material also negates the risk of hospital-acquired pressure injuries (HAPIs).

The Pink Pad Thailand family provides superior performance in high-BMI cases, and its single-use design minimizes cross-contamination risks. With a setup time of under a minute, the Pink Pad Thailand family of products is also friendly to the bottom line, saving valuable OR time in setup and room turnover.

The open-cell structure permits heat transfer from warming devices and energy to grounding pads. Additional products extend the protection provided by the Pink Pad as part of complete, ready-to-use kits.
Safe, comfortable and affordable — the Pink Pad is the right choice for all procedures requiring the Trendelenburg position: gynecological, colorectal, urological, and general surgery performed laparoscopically, robotically or as an open procedure.

The Pink Pad system, and all products manufactured by Xodus Medical are imported in Thailand by Kha Bangkok Co., Ltd.