EMDA Physionizer Thailand

Physionizer Mini 30N2: an effective care for bladder cancer

Physionizer Mini 30N2 is distributed by Kha Group Thailand


EMDA Physionizer Thailand – Physionizer Mini 30N2 is a device that enables the Electromotive drug administration (EMDA), a non-invasive method of enhancing local drug penetration across the urothelium of the bladder.

Physionizer Mini 30N2 can be used for EMDA either prior to or after TURBT.

The purpose of Physionizer Mini 30N2 is to augment the effect of intravesical chemotherapy by creating an electric field across the bladder wall which increase urothelium’s permeability.

Physionizer Mini 30N2 is composed by 3 parts: a current generator, a catheter with an electrode inside, and two electrodes to apply externally to the apparatus.

Internal (catheter) and external electrodes create, when the current is emitted by the generator, an electric field that stimulates directional ionic and solute movement of intravesical fluid: drug is delivered to a greater tissue depth and results in greater concentration than is possible with passive diffusion.

Physionizer Mini 30N2 allows the operator to control the rate of drug administration, by varying the current intensity.

The applied electric current causes no biological damage to tissue and no chemical modification of drug.

The Clinical Studies evidenced 3 different modalities of EMDA Physionizer Thailand treatment with Physionizer Mini 30N2

  1. EMDA/MMC-C instillation with Physionizer Mini 30N2 in intermediate-risk and high-risk non muscle-invasive bladder cancer and for BCG failure patients
  2. Sequential BCG – EMDA/MMC treatment through Physionizer Mini 30N2 for high-risk non muscle-invasive bladder cancer and for BCG failure patients
  3. Pre-TURBT instillation of EMDA/MMC through Physionizer Mini 30N2 for intermediate-risk and high-risk non muscle invasive bladder cancer

The results of these studies in intermediate and high risk NMIBC patients treated with Physionizer Mini 30N2, show significant short and long-term benefits with median disease-free interval longer and lower rate of recurrence.

EMDA Physionizer Thailand treatment reduce medium term and long term costs (less cystectomies, less cystoscopies) and improve patients’ quality of life.

In addition, the 10-year cost-effectiveness randomized study comparing sequential treatments with BCG/EMDA MMC-C instilled by Physionizer Mini 30N2 versus BCG alone, shows that the sequential therapy is a cost-effective treatment for patients with high risk non muscle invasive bladder cancer.

The EMDA Physionizer Thailand, and all products manufactured by Physion Srl are imported in Thailand by Kha Bangkok Co., Ltd.

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